LEX is one of Iceland´s leading law firms, comprised of around 40 lawyers, providing clients with comprehensive services over a wide range of financial, corporate and commercial issues, as well as most other aspects of Icelandic law.

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Regulatory developments in the field of sustainability

21. June, 2022

Eva Margrét Ævarsdóttir, who leads Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) services at LEX, wrote about a…

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Greenwashing Risks in the Investment Chain

16. June, 2022

Innherji, an Icelandic business news media, published an article today by Eva Margrét Ævarsdóttir, who…

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UTmessan 2022

24. May, 2022

On the 25th of May „UTmessan“ will take place in Grand Hotel, Reykjavik. UTmessan, which…

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Use of Cookies

18. May, 2022

Morgunblaðið published today an article by Lára Herborg Ólafsdóttir, attorney and partner at LEX Law…

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LEX at Innovation Week

17. May, 2022

Yesterday, Iceland Innovation week was launched in Gróska. Innovation Week is a festival celebrating and…

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When does information become inside information?

22. April, 2022

Innherji, an Icelandic business news site, recently published an article by Kristinn Ingi Jónsson, lawyer…

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Lex Lögmannsstofa - Gildi


LEX’s values, HONESTY - INTEGRITY - PROFESSIONALISM, are based on the premise that it takes decades to build a reputation but only minutes to ruin one.
As such the lawyers at LEX approach all their assignments keeping in mind these values as guiding principles.

Lex Lögmannsstofa - Lögmenn og Starfsfólk
Örn Gunnarsson

Örn Gunnarsson Attorney - Managing Partner