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Samspil íslenskrar persónuverndarlöggjafar og heilbrigðis- og lyfjalöggjafar

29. November, 2019

Erla S. Arnadottir, partner, and associates Maria Kristjansdottir and Lena Markusdottir just published a Guidance Note on the OneTrust DataGuidance Platform that provides an overview of the interaction between privacy legislation and health and pharma legislation in Iceland. The Guidance…

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The district court upholds the decision of the Wilderness Committee

27. November, 2019

In a lawsuit brought by the Icelandic State against clients of LEX, the District Court of the Western Iceland, has upheld the ruling of the Wilderness Committee in favour of LEX’s clients. In the case, the Icelandic state demanded that…

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Dividends paid by a parent company on the basis net income from subsidiaries considered legitimate

19. November, 2019

The Appeal Court of Iceland pronounced a judgement in a case brought by Birgir Már Björnsson, Attorney at LEX, on behalf of International Seafood Holdings S.á.r.l. against the state. In the case, it was argued whether the ruling of the…

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LEX advices Iceland Seafood International on the company’s IPO and listing on Nasdaq’s Iceland main market.

30. October, 2019

Iceland Seafood International hf. (“Iceland Seafood”), a customer of LEX, announced today that its shares will start trading on the main market of Nasdaq Iceland. Iceland Seafood was previously listed on Nasdaq First North Iceland and is the 48th company…

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Pharmaceutical trademarks in Iceland

7. October, 2019

Hulda Árnadóttir, partner and María Kristjánsdóttir, associate, recently published this article on Pharmaceutical trademarks in Iceland in Pharmaceutical Trademarks: A global Guide 2010/2021 This article first appeared in Pharmaceutical Trademarks: A Global Guide 2020/2021, a supplement to World Trademark Review,…

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Issue of new operating licenses for Fjarðalax aquaculture and Arctic Sea Farm in Patreksfjordur and Talknafjörður

10. September, 2019

On September 10, 2019 the District Court of Reykjavík dismissed cases brought by plaintiffs that claimed that the operating licenses of Fjardalax and Arctic Seafarm in Patreksfjordur and Talknafjordur should be annulled. In addition to the dismissals of the claims…

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LEX advises Ancala Partners on the acquisition of HS Orka

23. May, 2019

Guðmundur Ingvi Sigurdsson, a lawyer at LEX, was a legal advisor to Ancala Partners regarding Ancala Partners’ investments in HS Orka hf. Ancala Partners purchased the shares from Jarðvarmi ehf., a company owned by fourteen pension funds, that owned 33,4%…

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Municipalities win a ground breaking case before the Supreme Court

14. May, 2019

The Supreme Court today awarded in favour of Grimsnes and Grafnings municipality, in a case filed by Óskar Sigurðsson, a partner at LEX law offices, on behalf of the municipality against the Icelandic state because of the Equalization municipality fund.…

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